“Pretentious, over priced and surprised they receive good reviews. Don’t waste your time going there.”

– A Google user and delightful customer.


“Absolutely hopeless. No coke, No sugar free drinks, no bread.”
– A Google User who signed up to google reviews to leave this, his first review. What an honour.


 [Go to Farro to] soak up the buzzing atmosphere that all new Sandton restaurants get to enjoy.”

-A Blogger, who couldn’t fault us but didn’t like us. 3 Stars. Average. 


“Had high expectations which were not really met. Comes vaunted as a husband / wife duo who look after their customers. At the lunchtime we visited – both were nowhere to be seen – leaving the restaurant in the care of others.”

– Remember, if you want Tripadvisor to be nice to you, you MUST leave your 10 month old baby at home alone, unattended, and be an absent mother to attend to your customers needs. 6 nights a week at work is not enough. NEVER TAKE TIME TO BE A PARENT! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE?? 


The lady owner could be friendlier.” 

– Eatout via Facebook. I can’t be friendlier actually. This is pretty much as good as I get. 



Mostly, people say nice things about us. And we really do appreciate them. As a rule we don’t reply to reviews as I don’t want to get into a  mud slinging match with some dude who is just never going to understand why we don’t sell Coke Products, or why there isn’t a free basket of bread on the tables. And because we don’t reply to the bad reviews, we make it a blanket rule to not reply to any. But, the nice reviews are nice. And it’s nice to get them. It helps in making one not want to end it all when people are personally hurtful, when we really are just trying our best to serve up something with a  bit of passion and a clear directive and some  integrity. But also, it’s just dinner. We’re not saving lives here. Come and see us. Eat something. We hope you like it. If you don’t, then just don’t come back. And if you do like it, the best review we can get is for you to come again. Vote with your feet.